Why Working With Us

Why Working With Us

At My Bridge Organization, we recruit talented people on an on-going basis. We take great pride in our mission to transform the lives of deprived Cameroonians and other vulnerable people in Africa through the provision of food, education, and medical care. However, we take greater pride in having the best people on our teams in the not-for-profit field.

There’s no question that our employees are the best in what we do and we enjoy working with people who have the same philosophy and ethics as us. If you think you have what it takes to deliver the commitments we make to communities and their stakeholders, then you are more than welcome to join us in our mission, which is helping children and adults who are deprived of the bare necessities of life, as well as, those who are vulnerable to abuse, death, and homelessness.

Our Recruiting process

 Our robust recruitment process ensures that only the brightest, most proficient, and trained people who have great empathy for others are part of our team. We expect every member of our team to have the same mindset, competence, and passion for what we do when performing their duties.

Additionally, we invest more and more in our people, our recruitment systems, and our infrastructure every year to ensure that we deliver the highest value possible to the people and communities we serve. This is what makes us a highly reputable not-for-profit organization.

what we are looking for

While all open positions at our company require specific qualifications and experience, there are certain qualities that we expect all candidates to have regardless of what position they are applying to. The traits we look for in potential employee include the following:

  • High Motivation to Work
  • Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  • Passion for charitable causes and human development
  • Attention to detail
  • A positive attitude
  • A friendly nature
  • A professional demeanor at work and on the field
  • A respectful attitude towards other team members and the communities we serve


Did you know that with just £150, you could sponsor a child in primary school for an academic year? You could buy his uniform, exercise and textbooks and also pay for his fees for the academic year?

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Did you know that with just £250, you could sponsor a child in secondary school for an academic year? You could buy his uniform, exercise and textbooks and also pay for his fees for the academic year?

Sponsor a child today with My Bridge International

what we offer

We offer highly competitive wages and benefits. More than offering a good salary, we provide candidates with a great opportunity to contribute to good causes and make a difference in the world.


Will you like to share your knowledge and expertise to help families, women and children torn apart by conflict?

Volunteer with My Bridge International, a UK registered charity that strives to bridge the inequality gap caused by political instability. Our current target is Cameroon with conflict in the English-speaking part and Northern part of the country.

We are looking for volunteers who will help in our rehabilitation plan and also those who can provide medical support.

Many victims in these regions have fled to bushes and we have several schools and health units that have been completely destroyed and some burnt down. We would have to partner with existing schools and health units and also run some community projects to help build back these regions.

Our volunteers will provide support to such victims in terms of encouragement, motivation, health support or anyway they can.

Volunteer Duties and Responsibilities

Volunteers will perform a variety of duties depending on the project they are working on.

Providing Information to the Public

Volunteers would speak with victims and help answer their questions to provide as much information as possible about the cause and the resources that we are making available for them.

Working with Other Volunteers on Projects

Volunteers work closely with other people on projects towards shared targets, or creating activity plans.

Motivating Others to Get Involved

Volunteers are key in motivating others to get involved with the cause at hand, such as encouraging them to donate money or to sign up to fundraising events.

Keeping Accurate Records

Volunteers are responsible for keeping up-to-date records where necessary and supplying these records or reports to higher members of the organization on a regular basis.

Volunteer Skills and Qualifications

Volunteers need to be empathetic, great communicators, and comfortable working as part of a team towards shared goals and targets. There is no formal requirement to become a volunteer, but the following skills are beneficial:

  • Teamwork – volunteers should work well as part of a team and value diversity, as they will often be working with people of all different backgrounds and ages
  • Communication skills – volunteers should have strong communication skills and be able to follow instructions clearly and efficiently
  • Confidentiality – volunteers are often involved in working with confidential matters or sensitive subjects, so their ability to withhold this information is vital
  • Organization skills – in order to manage different tasks, volunteers need to be organized and able to manage their time effectively
  • Work ethic – volunteers must be able to work on various projects and sometimes in adverse conditions to achieve a goal or target, so it’s important that applicants for this position have an excellent work ethic

Volunteer Education and Training

There is no formal requirement to become a volunteer. However, depending on the services you intend to provide, you need to have the right qualifications and experience.

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