Sending Clothes to Africa

Sending Clothes to Africa

Poverty in Africa

Two-thirds of the world’s poor population resides in Sub-Saharan African countries. Poverty has taken the form of an epidemic in Africa. Despite a 56 per cent decline in the poverty rate in 1990, the rising African populations continue to play an active part in the rising poverty rate in vulnerable African countries. Africa had a population of 284 million in 1990, which eventually rose to 433 million in 2018, and continues to grow.

According to the 2020 Poverty and Shared Prosperity Report, some of the prominent factors contributing towards rising poverty in Africa include conflicts and the threats resulting from them, climate change, and the economic downturns from the COVID-19 pandemic. The demographic trends along with an unstoppable population growth don’t indicate a promising future for African countries like Congo, Liberia, and Malawi.

The seemingly increased concentration of the world’s poor in Africa is highly likely to be a significant obstacle in achieving the 2030 goal of eliminating global poverty.

The Lack of Clothing – A Consequence of Extreme Poverty

Extreme poverty and financial constraints in African communities result in inevitable consequences most people have to undergo, regardless of their age, race, or gender. Some of the most concerning outcomes of intensifying poverty in Africa include lack of access to clean water, lack of healthy food supply, lack of medical care, and lack of clean and appropriate clothing.

Clothing and its scarcity in Africa is an underrated obstacle among many others. Most marginalized African communities, including women and children, don’t have access to proper clothing. As a result, they’re forced to stay in unclean clothes without the ability to wash them due to the lack of clean sanitation water. It’s a significant cause for concern, especially for women’s menstrual health, reproductive health, and overall hygiene.

What We Aim to Do

Most Africans rely on clothing donations from developed nations and other countries of the world to get access to used or second-hand clothes that they can use and wear on a daily basis. It’s safe to say that the African population’s inability to have clothing is a major crisis that should be discussed and addressed more than it already is currently.

At My Bridge International UK, we aim to use the funds, grants, and donations available to us to send clothes to Africa. Our primary purpose is to provide Africans living in countries like Burundi, Congo, Nigeria, Liberia, and Malawi with clean, well-sewn, and appropriate clothing for men, women, and children.

How You Can Help

What may not be useful to you may be significantly valuable to someone in need. You can get involved with our mission and efforts by donating clothes to Africa. We collect clothing donations in the form of grants and funds to ensure that these people are able to lead a relatively better life by making the best use of what we provide them.

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