Pandemic Relief in Africa

Pandemic Relief in Africa

88 to 115 Million Africans Impacted by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted every nation in one way or another. The last two years have been significantly challenging for most countries dealing with the pandemic and trying their best to recover from its consequences in every possible sector. Some of the significant repercussions of the pandemic include indefinite lockdowns, economic collapse, closure of schools, closure of businesses, unemployment, lack of direct communication, high living prices, and more. However, one thing most people forget to consider during the process of understanding the obstacles induced by the pandemic is establishing the new poor in African countries.

The novel coronavirus and its massive implications increased the poverty rate in African countries, directly influencing a population of between 88 and 115 million Africans by pushing them towards extreme poverty.  As a result, an even higher amount of Africans in countries like Liberia, Congo, and Malawi now lack access to basic necessities such as food, water, clothing, education, and medical care.

Intensified Economic Downturn and Increased Debt in Africa

Two primary causes of worsened poverty in Africa resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic are the economic downturn faced by countries and the increased amount of debt they’re currently subject to. The COVID-19 pandemic was as unprecedented as it could be. The unpreparedness to deal with the pandemic resulted in unstoppable medical emergencies, due to which these countries had to be shut down.

Furthermore, closing businesses increased the need for African countries to find a way to get access to basic survival needs. As a result, the government continued to borrow from other nations to make ends meet. Today, these countries are undergoing a significant debt crisis that prevents them from recovering from the pandemic and taking measures to combat the problem of increasing poverty.

What We Aim to Do

According to the IMF, the international community’s support can play a significant role in helping these African communities recover from the pandemic by strengthening their resilience and contributing to decreasing their debt burden.

At My Bridge International UK, we aim to use our funds, grants, and donations to establish a pandemic relief for the needy in Africa. Our objective is to raise pandemic relief funds from domestic and international sources, and use them to create relief packages for African families in Burundi, Congo, Nigeria, Liberia, and Malawi.

The pandemic relief would include food, clothing, medical supplies, protective wear, and other similar items.

How You Can Help

Looking for a way to get involved in the pandemic fund for the Africans? You can now do so by donating to us. We continue to look for dedicated and committed individuals and organizations who would like to play their part in helping African countries combat the ever-growing challenge of poverty and social inequality.

Feel free to connect with us at to learn more about the donation procedure. Together we can form a resilient global community to fight the factors influencing the increasing poverty rates in Africa. Donate today!

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