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financial director’s statement

As the Financial Director at My Bridge Organization, I have a great opportunity to fulfill my career ambitions of being involved in the strategy and development of an organization that aids its growth and objectives. My academic background in consultancy and organizational change and experience within the same domain allows me to do this successfully.

My Bridge Organization is on a mission to transform the lives of deprived Cameroonians and other vulnerable people in Africa through the provision of food, education, and medical care. We hope to achieve this through support from like-minded and generous individuals and organizations.

The other board members of My Bridge Organization and I have a people-centered ideology which, above all, embodies our ideals of ethics, humanity, and equality, and our mission to accomplish change for the betterment of the people in some of the most impoverished and war-stricken regions of the world.

I strongly believe that being fortunate enough to help others is not a privilege but a responsibility. It is a responsibility that we need to fulfill. This is a sentiment shared by everyone at our not-for-profit organization.

At My Bridge Organization, we look to create powerful, advanced, and dynamic programs and materials that serve the needs, and promote the rights of the deprived and vulnerable in Africa. Additionally, we engage a large and diverse community of educated and charitable supporters who give their time, energy, and money to the issues facing the communities where we work.

I, along with the other important people at My Bridge Organization, aspire to take on a role that brings different people together and gets them working towards a common objective, which is the welfare and betterment of those less fortunate in the regions we work.

Any assistance that takes us closer to this mission is welcome. We invite like-minded individuals and organizations to support us in our mission through financial support or any other means that would take us closer to the accomplishment of our humanitarian goals.

I would conclude by saying that getting like-minded organizations and people on board with us on our mission is only the first step in fulfilling our responsibility towards those less fortunate. The major work to bring about the desired change in the economic, social, and human development conditions of the communities we serve comes after this. The team at My Bridge Organization has what it takes to complete this work successfully.

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