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About Us

Elizabeth Mbunwe had to flee her home in Ndop—an English-speaking town in Cameroon—due to the infighting between the separatists and the military. Mbunwe did not leave out of choice; instead, she was forced to make that decision.

In August 2019, a violent battle in Ndop between the military and the separatists killed six civilians in a crossfire, which included an infant. The military says it is fighting for the people, but the frequent deaths of civilians in crossfires paints a different picture altogether.

Whatever the true intentions of the military may be, the infighting between them and the separatists has led to a war-like situation in Cameroon’s English-speaking towns of Kumba, Ndop, Mamfe, Bafut, Bamenda, and Kumbo etc…

This war has forced many people to flee their homes for safety and a better life elsewhere. There is an urgent need to support these people. At My Bridge Organization, we are on a mission to help these people by meeting their immediate needs and transforming their lives for a better future.

Our Mission

The infighting between then military and the separatists that has forced many to flee their hometowns is not the only issue facing deprived Cameroonians; it is one of many. Other issues impeding the country’s development and affecting the quality of life there include corruption, low-literacy levels, lack of basic medical care in many parts, and poor infrastructure.

With this mind, My Bridge Organization has set out on a mission to transform the lives of deprived Cameroonians and other vulnerable people in Africa through the provision of food, education, and medical care.  We want to help children and adults who are deprived of the bare necessities of life as well as those who are vulnerable to abuse, death, and homelessness. We hope to achieve this through support from like-minded and generous individuals and organizations.

How We Help

At My Bridge Organization, we believe that being fortunate enough to help others is not a privilege, but a responsibility.  My Bridge Organization fulfills its responsibility towards those less fortunate by doing the following:

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