Meet The Board

meet the board

My Bridge Organization prioritizes equality, humanity, and morality above all; we believe that these three things need to be at the forefront of a new development path for the communities we serve that is based on human well-being and not economic growth.

This is a vision shared by everyone at My Bridge Organization from the CEO to the team working on the ground to get the desired outcomes. However, the following people are the ones helping to turn this vision into reality.

Pastor Jean-Michel Tchamba


In addition to being the CEO of My Bridge Organization, Pastor Jean-Michel is the Lead Pastor at House of Mercy Christian Assembly. He also happens to be a qualified Medical Physicist working in a London-based NHS hospital. Jean-Michel has several years of experience in the medical field. Before joining the London-based NHS hospital as a Senior Medical Physicist, he served at different healthcare organizations as a Senior Clinical Technologist, Senior Biomedical Technician, and Medical Physicist.

Magdalene Dakoba

Managing Director​

The Managing Director at My Bridge Organization, Magdalene is a registered professional /Assessor in Health and Social Care with an academic background in Applied Social Sciences, Community Development, and Youth Work.

During her career, Magdalene has collaborated with various UK Councils, health professionals, families, and community projects to provide appropriate support to vulnerable people in many different communities to enable them to attain their utmost potential in life. Additionally, she has spent over 17 years supporting a variety of vulnerable individuals and their families. Magdalene has 10 years of senior management experience and is the Director of Rajoma Recruitment UK Ltd., the UK registered Care Agency.

Mbatang Fon

Logistics Manager​

Fon is the Logistics Manager at My Bridge Organization. Fon has a mechanical background with 6 years of experience in the Railway sector. He has previously worked as the Co-project manager of Railway rehabilitation work in Niger and Togo. He has also carried out railway engineering work in the UK.

During his career, Fon worked in different capacities, including as Care Worker, Field Care Supervisor, Compliance Officer, Senior Compliance Officer, Coordinator, Out of Hours Coordinator, Service Delivery Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Deputy Branch Manager, and Shareholder of a Care agency.  He has also served as the Operations & Financial Manager at the UK branch of NOIAA LTD. Fon has been traveling between the UK and Cameroon for the past 6 years to successfully execute important business venture

Nabila Bangura

Strategy Manager

The Strategy Manager at My Bridge Organization, Nabila is a Registered Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (RMN) with 25 years of experience. She has worked in a wide range of mental health settings.

Nabila spent 5 years working with Kensington and Chelsea Social Services to set up a project which was specifically launched to meet the needs of African and Caribbean vulnerable adults with mental health problems. She collaborated with social services, housing, and health departments, supported accommodations, families, and carers to ensure the project’s success.

Nabila is a Travel Business Owner at She is currently Director and Co-Founder of the Cameroon Business Council UK since 2010

In addition to the above, Nabila has worked with children in the general wards and the community with mental health problems. She is also the Director of NGB VENTURES LTD where she provides mental health care training and consultancy services to private and public medical professionals.

W. Angeles Epse Ndoumbé

Public Relations Manager Cameroon​

Angeles is the public relations manager of My Bridge Organization in Cameroon. She will be in charge of all educational projects in Cameroon that are initiated or supported by My Bridge Organization. Angeles has completed her graduation in Insurance Law and has received formal training to become a School Principal.

Kelly Jabosung

Operations Manager: Cameroon​

Kelly Jabosung is the Operations Manager of My Bridge Organization in Cameroon. Miss Kelly has worked as a sociologist for five years, making steady progress in both academia and NGO during this time. She is passionate about and has experience in training/capacity building and coordination, social welfare, child protection, social science research, and M&E activities that focus primarily on gender issues, deviance and desistance, and community participation in rural development.

As a purpose-driven individual, Miss Kelly cares deeply about the education and empowerment of women and girls. She believes that the lack of quality education makes women vulnerable to poverty, violence, and various forms of social exclusion.

With this in mind, Miss Kelly wants to help women and girls get access to the knowledge, skills, and tools that they need to take control of their futures and become agents of broader positive change within their communities. She has taken it upon herself to inspire, lead, empower, and educate women and girls to attain their full capacities and live their best lives.

Miss Kelly has executed projects and written reports for the following: UNTF, PAID-WA, Plan International, Cameroon, A2 Healthcare Solutions, University of Buea, and A Thousand Smiles Project.

Our strategic partners

At My Bridge Organization, we believe in partnering with like-minded people and organizations around the world to help make the world a better place. Staying true to this belief, we partner will the following charity-based organizations to share ideas and provide/receive assistance in the form of funds, intellectual insight, and human resources.

A Thousand Smiles Project
ADOMC – Association des Enfants Orphelins ET Vulnerables (AOEV)

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