How We Help

How We Help

how we help

Not only can poverty have a devastating impact on children and young people, but it also lasts a lifetime. People most at risk of malnutrition, disease, and stunting are born into and brought up by poor families.

These children are the people most likely to get low-quality education or miss out on school altogether. Additionally, their chances of getting married early, facing physical violence, and enduring child labour are high. This is the sad reality of Cameroon and other parts of Africa where we work. My Bridge Organization is on a mission to change this through the provision of food, education, and medical care to those deprived of them.

what we do

 At My Bridge Organization, we believe that being fortunate enough to help others is not a privilege, but a responsibility.   Getting like-minded organizations and people on board with us on our mission is only the first step in fulfilling this responsibility. We also do the following to bring about the desired change in the economic, social, and human development conditions of the communities we serve.

provide food supplies

Children and adults displaced due to the fighting in Cameroon’s English-Speaking towns are in dire need of food supplies to survive and maintain their health. However, they are not the only ones needing food on an urgent basis. Other impoverished communities that we serve also need food supplies on a war-footing basis.

Poor nutrition can affect a person’s health and disease rate, which in turn affects their physical and cognitive development. My Bridge Organization looks to avoid this by providing food supplies wherever it is needed on a timely basis and in the required quantities.

ensuring access to basic medical care

Thousands of people die every year in Cameroon and other parts of Africa due to preventable/curable diseases. These include dengue, malaria, and diarrhea diseases, amongst others.

 A lot needs to be done lower deaths caused by preventable/curable diseases in Cameroon and other African countries. A step in the right direction is providing better healthcare services not just in big cities such as Douala, but also in small towns such as Kumba and Ndop. This is also the aim of My Bridge Organization—a nonprofit medical organization based in UK that works to save lives in some of the poorest places in the world.  

Building schools and supporting educational projects

It is often seen that children who live in poverty are left behind by their more affluent peers in literacy and language development. The limited access to reading materials that children raised in poverty have affects their literacy and language development, which in turn has an impact on their life chances. My Bridge Organization wants to help children from poor families have a fair shot at life by building schools and supporting education projects aim to ensure their access to quality education.

Providing Information and direction on achieving goals

Once the children are in school, their behavior is significantly shaped by the dual factors of socialization and social status. A huge part of the equation is their socioeconomic status. Children raised in poverty don’t choose to behave differently, but the challenges faced by them that affluent children never have to confront, make them do so.

My Bridge Organization provides children and young people from less affluent backgrounds with the information, guidance, and counseling needed to succeed in life. We help them to overcome cognitive lags, acute and chronic stressors, and emotional and social challenges to allow them to become the best version of themselves.

Helping single parents keep their lives on track

While being a single parent is difficult, raising a child alone while trying to negate the effects of poverty or war is a herculean task. This is the situation of many single parents in the regions we serve. My Bridge Organization looks to make these single parents’ lives easier through compassion, care, and financial support.

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