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Get involved

We have a people-centered agenda that represents our ideals of equality, humanity, and morality above all and our mission of bringing about a positive change in the regions we serve by:  

  • Providing food supplies to deprived and vulnerable people
  • Ensuring their access to basic medical care
  • Providing information and direction on achieving goals
  • Providing moral and financial support to help them attain their potential in life
  • Building schools and providing financial backing to support educational projects
  • Working with single parents to help them stay on track in life.

If you want to join us in our mission, then you can get involved with us in the following ways.


You can help My Bridge Organization in fulfilling its mission by:

  • Finding and getting funding for people needing help and assistance in the regions we serve
  • Building networks to bring important people together for the welfare and betterment of those we serve
  • Promoting and facilitating education across all ages and social class
  • Identifying and ensuring the provision of medical care to those who most need it including the residents of Cameroon’s most remote towns
  • Mentoring and guiding the youth for a better future


Being fortunate enough to help others is not a favor but a responsibility. It is a responsibility that we need to fulfill. If you believe the same, then you can help us in our mission by donating to help those in need.

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