Educating Africa’s Children

Educating Africa’s Children

One in Three African Children are Out of School

Education is one of the most essential rights of every human being. In fact, it’s one factor that paves the way for the world to become a better place with self-aware, literate, and responsible citizens. Keeping this in mind, countries worldwide have been making efforts to achieve universal primary education to establish a system of equal education for all. Unfortunately, the lack of educational resources and a flawed educational system in Africa has been stalling this process for years.

Research shows that one in every three African students either don’t attend school or aren’t enrolled in one. Furthermore, the school systems in Africa don’t necessarily make a difference to the students’ learning levels. Keeping these circumstances in mind, the Center for Universal Education predicts that more than 50 million African children are likely to become young adults without having essential literacy skills or numerical comprehension.

A Costly Crisis

The available evidence clearly indicates how most African children cannot read, write, or identify numbers by the time they reach adolescence. Despite the increased urgency to address this issue, the media doesn’t necessarily highlight it as much as it should. As a result, African children are no longer motivated or excited to learn from qualified teachers or have access to textbooks and educational resources that’ll benefit them in the long run by allowing them to use their skills.

This can be significantly costly and damaging for Africa’s overall growth and prosperity in the future. A flawed educational system can destruct a whole generation of potential intellectuals and change-makers, leading to a future of further poverty, unemployment, and insecurity.

What We Aim to Do

We understand how children residing in African countries become subject to poverty, being far left behind their educated peers in developed nations. They don’t have sufficient access to textbooks, reading materials, language resources, and numerical challenges, which ultimately influence their future career choices and personal development. All of these factors play a massive role in low literacy rates in Africa.

Therefore, My Bridge Organization aims to assist children from African countries in achieving a fair shot at life by providing educational support in Africa. Our purpose is to build schools and provide funds and resources to education projects that’ll ensure these children’s access to quality education.

How You Can Help

You can now help us educate African children by donating to our cause. We will use your grants, funds, packages, and donations to provide educational support and promote female education in African countries, including Burundi, Congo, Nigeria, Liberia, and Malawi.

Join hands with us to transform the education system in Africa, one step at a time. Feel free to connect with us by emailing us at Donate today!

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