Clean Water for Africans

Clean Water for Africans

One Billion Africans Don’t Have Access to Clean Water

For years, African countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Libya, Nigeria, and Malawi have been subject to many factors that have ultimately made poverty an epidemic for their inhabitants. Some of the reasons behind widespread poverty in Africa include ethnic conflicts, wars, political instability, segregation, climate change, and more.


However, one of the most overlooked reasons people in these African countries struggle so much is that they lack access to clean drinking water and sanitation. In fact, around one billion Africans don’t have access to safe, clean water to drink or personal hygiene.


Among many others, the two primary causes of the water crisis in Africa include the lack of water resources and flooding. The continent continues to run out of viable water resources due to its rising population, requiring radical action by the governments to take charge. Furthermore, the displacement of Africans resulting from armed conflicts has worsened the problem even more.


As a result, most Africans rely on surface water from resources such as ponds, lakes, and rivers. Most of this water is unsafe, contaminated, polluted, and unhealthy to be consumed by humans. Nevertheless, the unaffordability of clean water leads Africans to choose dangerous alternatives to stay hydrated.

The Obstacles Arising from Water Scarcity

Water is a basic human right. However, excessive water scarcity in African countries paves the way for a wide range of problems and obstacles for citizens. The primary consequence is that people remain dehydrated and become subject to various waterborne, long and short-term illnesses resulting from consuming contaminated water.

Furthermore, water scarcity prevents Africans from growing food, ultimately contributing to the lack of food supply and essential nutrition for survival. It’s safe to say that water scarcity is a significant reason why Africans are unable to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

Apart from nutrition and health, the lack of access to clean water also plays a role in deteriorating the hygienic conditions, especially among women and children.

What We Aim to Do

At My Bridge International UK, we aim to help Africans by doing our part in ending the water crisis, and providing them with the funds, resources, and means to have access to clean drinking water at all times.

Our primary purpose is to arrange clean water for people in need with the objective to ensure that they no longer have to resort to dangerous ways to stay hydrated.

How You Can Help

If you’re an enthusiastic individual or organization with a mission similar to ours, you can join hands with us to help. The ideal way for you to help us is by donating to them for clean water. We plan to use your donations to build water wells in Africa to ensure a frequent clean water supply for all.

Our target countries include Burundi, Congo, Nigeria, Liberia, and Malawi. For more information, feel free to email us at

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