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affiliated organizations

Africa needs to have in place a strategy that gets the backing of all stakeholders and can engage all citizens—both within the continent and abroad. More importantly, it should encourage Africans in different countries to come together, putting differences and political affiliations aside, for the economic and social betterment of their respective nations.

My Bridge Organizations look to ensure the welfare and betterment of African communities to bring about a positive change in their economic, political, and human development.

We believe that cooperation and coordination between all stakeholders of Africa is the first and most important step towards a prosperous future that the continent most certainly deserves.

How we help African communities move forward?

  • Africa needs to take control of its future
  • Africa needs to be self-sufficient
  • Africa needs to have a system in place that encourages stakeholders and engages citizens for the betterment of African countries and the African continent as a whole
  • All Africans need to set aside their differences and build trust in each other for the greater good of their countries and the continent as a whole
  • All Africans have the right to be educated
  • All Africans have the right to medical and social care
  • All Africans deserve to be respected and heard

Staying true to these beliefs, we look to transform the continent by promoting and fostering collaboration and strategic alliance between disparate factions and parts of society and with the well-wishers of Africa in the region and around the globe.

Our global partners that share our passion for transforming communities

At My Bridge Organization, we believe in partnering with like-minded people and organizations worldwide to help make the world a better place. Staying true to this belief, we have entered into a strategic alliance with the following organizations in different parts of the world to share ideas and provide/receive assistance in the form of funds, intellectual insight, and human resources.

A Thousand smiles project

The Thousand Smiles Foundation supports underserved children by providing them with life-saving operations and associated health services free of charge so that they can eat healthily, communicate normally, and feel more integrated with their communities to lead normal live

ADOMC - Association des Enfants Orphelins ET Vulnerables (AOEV)

ADOMC helps disadvantaged people in different communities to have equal opportunities in the future by ensuring their access to education or vocational training.

potential alliances

At My Bridge Organizations, we have programs that are designed to support the mission and objectives for Africa of the following authorities and organizations:

At My Bridge Organization, we completely back the policy of the UK government to develop long-term alliances with African nations that are mutually beneficial and draw on mutual values of enabling a better, safer, and more prosperous future for all.

The programs of My Bridge Organization for Africa are perfectly aligned with the goals/objectives of the European Union for the continent. This means that My Bridge has resources in place to support the mission and goals of the EU on the ground.

At My Bridge Organization, we realize that the United Nations is one of the biggest supporters of peace, stability, human rights, and sustainable development in Africa. Our programs are designed to directly or indirectly support many of the sustainable development goals of the UN to aid the continued stability and development of the African communities we serve.

UNICEF believes that the most important step towards achieving economic gains would be to bridge the gaps in the health and education systems of Africa. At My Bridge Organization, not only do we agree with this, but we have also set up programs that can help achieve mandate of UNICEF for Africa.

My Bridge Organization finds that UNESCO aims to contribute in improving Africa’s representation on the World Heritage List and highlighting the role of modern heritage in promoting urban sustainability, in line with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the African Union’s Agenda 2063. My Bridge is in position to support the mission of UNESCO on the ground in Africa.

My Bridge Organization finds that the Africa Health Transformation Initiative, 2015-2020, a roadmap for universal health coverage, is the conceptual framework that directs the approach of WHO towards Africa’s sustainable development in healthcare. Through its healthcare program, My Bridge wants to help WHO achieve its mission for Africa.

At My Bridge Organization, we want to help Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET) in its mission of training and supporting health workers through health partnerships to enable people in low and middle income countries to access essential healthcare. We can help THET in harnessing the talents, experience and technical skills of UK health professionals to meet healthcare-related education and training needs in the African regions where it operates

At My Bridge Organization, we understand that Johnson & Johnson was one of the first major companies to make a public commitment to UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs). We also understand the company is committed to creating a sustainable and scalable impact in Africa.

We have healthcare programs that can support the focus areas of Johnson & Johnson as well as the company’s Africa Innovation Challenge 2.0 that looks to address significant threats to Africa’s health care systems and environment.

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